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Quality you’d expect at prices you wouldn’t. Features that are a perfect fit for all types of sports organizations.


A perfect way to get started...Upto 5 Centers (Max 100 members per center)
$ 700 / Center / Year
  • Everything....All fetatures!!!

Big Daddys

The sky is the limit package for Stalwarts...10+ Centers (Max 100 members per center)
$ 500 / Center / Year
  • Everything....All fetatures!!!

Free trial for initial two weeks.

Free Club setup and Staff training by our expert team

Affordable price for all organization sizes

With all features, no hidden cost and scales as you grow

The digital platform is yours to use
at a monthly price especially for you

Take the first step in transforming your Sports Organization

Values Your Organization Earn With MySportsClub

Multi - sports solution

Improve Communication

Club revenue tracking and projection

Cutting Edge technologies

All-in-One Solution

More than 50% saving in your Time and Manual Efforts

Unlimited users

All data secured at one place

Role based access

Informed decision making

Frequently Asked Questions

To request for the demo, you can submit the form on our website. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team at 9322770871 or email us at As per your request our specialist will brief you about the product and its features.

We have built mass data upload processes which makes it very easy to setup your club. If you have all the data ready, our specialist can complete the setup in 1-3 days.

After signing up for free trial, our team will setup intial data for your club and you will be able to enjoy all the features for 14 days. No payment or credit card is required to access the free trial. At the end of the 14 days, you can upgrade your account to the monthly subscription plan.

Our price is per member based. We charge based on the number of average number of active members in the month. You will get a monthly invoice before 5th of every month. You will have to pay the amount within 15 days of invoice date.

All of your data is secured in encrypted format. We will never provide your data to anyone.

We are always there to help you with any problems you are facing with the platform. We provide customer support through email, chat and on call after you have subscribed for the service.

No you will be not charged for adding multiple academies. Even if you have multiple academies or centres, the amount will be charged on the basis of number of active members in all those academies.

For the use of mobile and web app, there are no other charges. However, in case of any other services required, they will be charged as per the agreed price.

We are launching additional value added services very soon. However, you can reach out to use for any specific needs.

We accept all types of Digital payment methods(UPI,Wallets,Credit/Debit cards, Netbanking).

Yes you can change or cancel your plan any time. Unfortunately we dont refund the amount or the fee for the current month that already used.

You can always reach out to our sales/support team regarding any kind of payment issues.

We would love to hear about new requirements from our customer partners. However, addition of feature will depend on the time required for the development as well as usability of the feature for all.

NO, absolutely not. We dont charge your clients anything to access the application. All the invoices will be sent only to your organization/club.

Register with us and log in to the web appication and add your club, players and club staff details. Enjoy managing your club operations through mobile app. Our support specialists will be happy to help you with any questions.